Established in 2018, UMANA (Using Mindfulness and the Arts as Non-Violent Alternatives) is a non-profit organization serving the youth of the city of Philadelphia, PA. We believe that the skills we teach not only help at-risk youth to gain a greater sense of peace, confidence, and self; but that they ultimately contribute to a decline in overall violence and discrimination, and an increase in resiliency, collaboration, and productivity in entire communities. 

"We don't usually associate words like peace, and empathy, and cultural diversity with productivity. I'm here to show how those things are connected."

-Eric Biseca, Founder

Our Mission...

The mission of UMANA (Using Mindfulness and the Arts as Non-violent Alternatives) is to promote non-violence and mindfulness through martial, visual and performing arts throughout the city of Philadelphia.  

Our Vision...

We believe in social and environmental justice and the power of mindfulness. By using the arts and mindful practices such as meditation, we seek to address issues such as gun violence, police brutality, inequality, discrimination, depression, bullying and physical violence.

By the same token, we believe in resilient communities' economic and environmental sustainability.  

Our Work...

Our programs currently create artistic outlets and mindful practice for at-risk and incarcerated youth. The various types of programs and events that we sponsor are educational, informative and entertaining. These include teach-ins, art installations or exhibits, speaking engagements, fundraisers, classes, group meditations and workshops. We are looking to expand our programs and partner with more organizations to create a broader influence.

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Using Mindfulness and the Arts

as Non-Violent Alternatives

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