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"When I meditate, I feel like I really see whats goin on with me...what I should be doin with myself."

-PJJSC student, 10th grade, spring 2019

"Character, Culture and Calm"

This is our after school program which we use at The Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Service Center.  Students learn mindful techniques through meditation, discussion and movement.  They build character through discipline and open discussion.  They learn the science of breath and emotional management techniques and develop their meditation.  Finally, they reflect on their experiences through written and verbal discourse and journaling.  This program runs in 8 week cycles and finishes in March.

Capoeira Angola

Our current classes are held at 5750 Wissahickon Ave on Sundays at 1pm.  Capoeira Angola has been used in Brazil for empowering disenfranchised communities and at-risk youth for generations. Capoeira empowers on many levels and serves a platform for physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Utilizing music, dance, and martial arts, Angola is rooted in a philosophy non-violence and self-awareness/identity. It links practitioners with the African diaspora and the history of resistance to slavery in the Americas. The communal nature of Capoeira and the interplay between two practitioners teaches young people about empathy, self control, and balance. 

"When you are playing Capoeira, you are in a flow state - the state of mind you need to be in a mindful place."

- Dr. Lori Wynn

"Meditation is not an act, it is a state of being." Sadghuru


In a world of material technology and constant stimulation, we are challenged to become masters of our own mind, and, therefore, our own destiny.  By activating "Inner Technology" a synergy of martial arts, movement and meditation, students will begin to master their own lives.  Those who activate inner technology become able to direct their emotions toward constructive outcomes, channel an abundance of spiritual energy to gain a sense of everyday bliss.  Eric Biseca has finely crafted his Inner Technology teachings for over a period of 20 years using ancient teachings and modern mastery.  accessible. Look for Inner Technology workshops in Philadelphia and beyond.

Using Mindfulness and the Arts

as Non-Violent Alternatives

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